iPhone Tripods & Holders

iPhone Users now have an easy way to get sharper photo images and video by using the U+3G iPhone holder by G Design LLC.  The iPhone slips easily and snugly into the holder for mounting the iPhone to a tripod.

If you have the new iPhone 4 please select the iPhone 4 holder.  This holder has additional soft pads that create a snug fit for the new iPhone 4 while still fitting the G3 iPhones.

If you have the original 2G iPhone, 3G and 3GS iPhones, please select the 3G/3GS holder which does not have the soft pads.

The iPhone holder is made from sturdy ABS plastic and features durable brass threads for a secure attachment to tripod mounts.   Patent Pending.

Satisfaction guaranteed.   Yes we ship world wide (Australia, Korea, UK, Brazil, etc) at the same low shipping price of $3.00.  Return within 30 days for refund of item purchase price, buyer pays return shipping.  

iPhone 4 Holder

This version adds two soft pads to the inside of the standard holder to provide a snug fit for the slimmer iPhone 4.  See photos below.   These pads are 3M* Bumpon* pressure sensitive rubber adhesive backed polyurethane protective bumpers.

We recommend that care be used when inserting the tripods for iPhone into the holder to minimize the potential of dislodging the pads.  This holder should not be stored in high heat environments as this may deteriorate the pad’s adhesive bond.

There may be slight resistance when initially inserting the iPhone 4.  The resistance will decrease over repeated use as the iPhone seats itself against the pads.

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